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    Octodad (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 21st, 2017 at 18:53:43)

    Finished this over the weekend, including the two (extra?) scenarios that are stand-alone...and clever and special in their own way.

    I wasn't aware that the game filled out some of the background details via a flashback level (how Octodad met Mom) as well as tying up the narrative in the end.

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    Doom (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 7th, 2017 at 23:29:32)

    Grrr. I've spent a few hours during two separate evenings evenings playing the end of a mission. And failing. A lot. It's basically a really long firefight that I've been getting better at - but it's one mistake and you have to start the whole thing all over again.

    The worst part is that I actually beat the fight once! The lights went back to normal, I wandered around and picked up some ammo and stuff and then activated an elevator I thought would take me to either the next area or the end of the level. And then? Some baddies warped in and killed me. And there was no checkpoint so I had to start the whole thing all over again.


    I also don't want to turn down the difficulty level, still on the fence over whether I should continue playing or just move on to the next game. I think by now I've got a good sense of what the game's about and how it works (and, to be fair, I have really enjoyed it so far!)

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    Eagle Flight (PS4)    by   jp       (Aug 7th, 2017 at 22:58:18)

    Played this a bit more over the weekend and I finished the first "area" (unlocking the next one). It's more of the same, to be honest, with minor changes or variations. The novelty this time around was a mission where I had to catch fish - basically move in fast and collide with them while they're in the air. The fish jump up pretty high. I'm not sure how interesting the rest of the game will be - I get the sense that it's a bit of a one-trick pony. But, a great trick - this is now my 2nd "go to" game to show people who have never tried VR. It's "easy" in that you don't really need to hold on to the controller and it's not that hard to navigate (I do find that I tend to "drift" because it's so easy to turn instead of tilt).

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    Who's Your Daddy (PC)    by   dkirschner       (Aug 6th, 2017 at 20:07:01)

    Ok so...I'd heard about this before, but some friends showed me another video about it and we decided it would be fun to play. Last Saturday, I paid $4.99 and downloaded Who's Your Daddy (no question mark in the title), a silly, stupid, buggy, funny, morbid two-player game. One player is the daddy and the other is the baby. The baby's job is to get into everything a baby shouldn't and kill itself; the daddy's job is to make the house safe and stop baby from dying.

    Baby can do things like take pills, drink bleach, burn alive in the oven, steal daddy's car and crash it, eat batteries, etc. Daddy can prevent these accidents from happening by putting pills and deadly things in high places, locking all the cabinets, locking the oven door, following baby around to fish it from the pool if baby crawls in, etc.

    And that's it. Pretty good fun for half an hour. There are some solo challenges to practice with each character and some achievements to unlock. You can also wear an assortment of hats and sunglasses. Yes, the baby can too.

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    Dungeon of the Endless (PC)    by   dkirschner       (Aug 6th, 2017 at 19:41:31)

    Wow, long time no updates. I haven't been playing much of anything for about a month. I am chilling in Montreal this week before a conference though, so I find myself playing some games instead of working on my conference presentation. I've officially retired Dungeon of the Endless, which a friend told me about at the tail end of this summer's Steam sale. Sounded cool, and I had some good times with it.

    Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike tower defense game. Interesting merger of two genres that works well. There is some threadbare story and some "narratives" between characters that play out in small dialogue snippets on the elevator between floors. Your ship crash lands and you have to escape the dungeon...But there are some characters who are jailors and others who are prisoners and a couple other types...including Team Fortress 2 characters for some reason. None of that affects anything.

    You choose two characters to begin the game, and you start at floor 1, trying to work your way up to floor 13 (with the basic ship; you can unlock other ships that crash deeper into the planet, meaning you have to go up more floors to escape). You begin in a room with a crystal. This crystal is important. It generates a resource called "dust." With dust, you can power new rooms. So basically, open doors, acquire dust from doing so, power rooms. But it's infinitely more complicated. If you don't power a room, monsters might spawn there every time you open a door. Of course there isn't enough dust to go around. So you're going to have to build "towers," aka "major modules" that generate other resources and "minor modules" which are a variety of weapons, buffs, and debuffs.

    Major modules generate three other important resources: industry, science, and food. Industry is what you need to construct modules. Science lets you research new and upgraded modules. Food lets you level up your heroes and heal them in battle. So be smart when choosing among modules to build. These resources also let you buy things from merchants, who will sometimes appear and charge one of the three resources seemingly at random for their items. If you don't generate much industry, you'll have a hard time building modules. Not much science, and you won't be able to upgrade modules very well. Not much food, and your characters will be lower level, which means they'll have lesser stats and fewer perks. Always a tough call!

    So. How do you clear a floor? You need to find the power source for the crystal. It's hidden somewhere on the floor. Once you find that, you can carry it to the crystal and escape with whoever is in the room. I learned that the hard way one game where I escaped with no one but the hero carrying the crystal, and I lost all my party members. Terrible! As soon as you pick up the crystal power source, be warned that monsters will spawn from every unpowered room. So you need to power a path from the power source to the crystal and ideally power other rooms such that monsters don't catch you (you run slower with the power source) or don't make it to the crystal room.

    Enemies are all different. Some go straight for the crystal; some attack heroes; some attack modules. You'll be fine until floor 6 or so, then different enemy types appear and you can't just stand in a room and kill everything.

    You know what. I'm about halfway through describing all the systems in the game. If this sounds cool to you, pay a few bucks for it. I probably won't revisit it, and I never escaped, not even on Too Easy mode, but I had fun and found the game unique. Also I hope this was a decent primer on the "Endless" games, because I think I'm going to start Endless Legend next.

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    Wii Sports (Wii)    by   KappaHattori

    Great utilization of Motion Sensory controls!
    most recent entry:   Thursday 8 October, 2009
    Wii Sports


    What an innovatively fun method for utilizing the Wiiís motion sensory controls! As one of the earliest games for the Wii console, it is the epitome of what is possible when you get up from the couch and put some motion into it!

    After years of having a single motion-sensory console reach mass popularity, the Wii was released and warmly welcomed! Wii Sports utilizes the motion-sensory capabilities, and combines it with the common multiplayer aspects which are both popular and common of Nintendo. The game is almost perfect in its attempts to immerse the player in a sports world.

    GAME PLAY---===

    Of course, as one of the first games for the Wii, Wii Sports is designed to ensure that the motion sensitivity of the Wii is pushed to the max. All of the games require the use of the Wiimote and generally all of them would require that the players stand in a fashion similar to the sport which they are playing.

    Bowling seems to be the easiest game for an individual to play, and seems to be the easiest to develop. It requires the player stand in the appropriate form, while holding the Wiimote in the manner that they would to roll a bowling ball. Although the game recommends having the controller in front of your face prior to rolling the ball, similar to the style of professional players, it is not required. You could throw the ball in a frenzy fit if youíd like, as long as you ensure the Wiimote is held in your hand, and the proper (and both conveniently placed and non flow interrupting) buttons are pressed. The gameís engine will do itís best to mimic your movements with the Wiimote in hand, and will determine how your Mii (or Wii Avatar), throws their ball, and get points accordingly. Or you could also sit down lazily and flick the Wiimote carelessly and get strike after strike like my younger brother.

    Boxing is another of the more interesting games playable in Wii Sports. This game requires the use of the Nunchuck, an attachment device for the Wiimote that also utilizes motion sensitivity, to duplicate the left hand as the Wiimote emulates the right (or vice versa if left-handed). The commands for this game are extensive, as is comparable to real boxing. The player has the options for ducking, throwing uppercuts, swift jabs, and blocking. All of these attacks are dependent on the movement of the Wiimote and Nunchuck. The accuracy of a playerís hand movements is generally good, but of course the more accurately you attempt to emulate Mike Tyson, the less the Wii will be able to track your motions. Or you could also sit down lazily and randomly swing the controllers and get consecutive KOís like my younger brother.

    Regardless of your play style, this game is amazingly fu. The only drawback is the occasional inaccuracy caused by the Wiimote and Nunchuck. It gets frustrating knowing that in real life, you could easily defeat your opponent in boxing or whatever sport it is, while you lose in the game due to the occasional inaccuracy in the WiiSensorís reception. Still, amazing game!

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